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What is the Creator archetype?

Are there other names or variants of this archetype?

Did Carl Jung come up with this archetype?

As one of the 12 archetypes originally outlined by Carl Jung, the Creator (or Artist) is a common category that many fictional and real people fall into. There are a lot of Creators out there, and each one brings something unique and different to their specific teams.

Creators are good at thinking as well as doing. They are well-rounded and can be visionaries, although some are more capable of putting others’ ideas into action. This archetype is one of development and of moving forward in life and in the surrounding world as well.

Although many people are Creators, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint whether or not you yourself fit into this archetype. If you’re trying to determine whether or not you’re a Creator archetype, read through the information gathered below to get a more solid understanding of this category.

Creator Details

Understanding the details of the Creator archetype is the first step toward identifying whether or not you are a Creator. Even if you don’t feel you fit into this archetype yourself, consider those around you or the fictional characters you enjoy most. You may be surprised where you find Creators when you start looking for them.

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  • The Creator wants to push beyond what is generally considered to be the right way to do things and find new solutions, paths, and outcomes. The Creator may create physical objects or may find their creations in something else entirely. Whatever their preferred medium, they work in the creation of something that can benefit and advance themselves and the world around them. Many Creators work for the greater good, but not all do, so keep this in mind as you study further.


  • The Creator wants to make something that will last. They don’t want to make something that will fall apart or stop functioning as soon as it starts; they want something that will continue to exist and even to improve as time goes on.
  • The Creator wants to be remembered for their ability to create. When they’re gone, the Creator hope their name will be remembered and associated with the lasting creations they have made.
  • The Creator wants to use their own skills and constantly looks for ways to improve those skills. They will do whatever it takes to improve.


  • This archetype is always looking for ways to make their creations better. They will travel, explore, study, and practice as much as they have to, and will often ask others for help if they perceive those others as good resources.
  • The Creator archetype sometimes wants to have a rival. This may seem like a strange goal, but many Creators feel they work better under the pressure of having a rival.
  • The Creator strives to use new advancements and to constantly keep their work fresh. They are willing to consider modern technology and may even invent their own new ways of handling problems and achieving their goals as well.


  • The Creator’s sense of focus is one of their strengths. They are unwavering and are committed to reaching the goals they set for themselves.
  • The Creator is always willing to share their own views and speak up when they feel they have a solution that will work.
  • Creator archetypes are interested in innovation and are accepting of new technology, even when other archetypes may not trust the same changes or advancements for a while.
  • Creators are good at rethinking and changing the plan at the last minute, and they can be a valuable part of a team because of this.


  • One of the biggest weaknesses of the Creator archetype is the inability to live in the moment or enjoy the present at all. The Creator is often so caught up in their own goals and desires that they can’t pay attention to anyone or anything around them.
  • Because of this weakness, the Creator often has trouble forming strong, lasting relationships with others. They may have friends or coworkers they can ask for advice, but it’s hard for the Creator to find romantic relationships or to build familial relationships with others.
  • The Creator archetype may quickly become corrupt with their intelligence or ability and may start to use their skills to play god. They may make decisions that are not theirs to make, and may believe their morals are the only right ones, with no room for argument or other points of view.
  • Finally, Creator archetypes can sometimes leap before they look. They may be so stuck on their goals that they dive into whatever opportunities come their way, and they don’t consider the bigger picture or the advice of more experienced people before they make decisions that can sometimes backfire on them.


  • The Creator is intense and may be easily excited when talking about their interest or creations. They may show their passion with no shame.
  • The Creator cares about the wellbeing of the world, even if that is sometimes misplaced. They may not always do the right thing, but they often believe they are, regardless.
  • Creators are often very intelligent but may not have as much in the way of street smarts. They may rely on others in their team to help guide them when dealing with interpersonal situations.


With many different paths toward becoming a Creator, it’s easy to see how this archetype became so common. Creators may be literal or metaphorical, and they may be obvious or not so obvious. When you take the time to consider the traits of the Creator archetype, you’ll start to notice this category appearing all around you, and maybe even within yourself.

In order to get a better idea of what to look for in the Creator archetype, check out these examples from real life and from fiction to help you get started:

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  • Dr. Frankenstein of Frankenstein: Literally, Dr. Frankenstein created his monster and pushed beyond what was generally considered acceptable in his field to achieve his goals.
  • Tony Stark of the Marvel universe: Constantly creating in the name of the greater good, Tony Stark is both brilliant and capable in his journey toward his creations.
  • Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur as well as an intelligent Creator. He set lofty goals and kept working until he saw them achieved to the best of his abilities.
  • John Hammond from Jurassic Park: Almost like a modern-day take on Dr. Frankenstein, John Hammond wanted to create life, but found his Creator archetype was not enough to keep the results in check
  • Zeus of mythology: As a Creator deity, Zeus fills this role from a divine standpoint.

There are many other Creators out there as well, and we’ve only scratched the surface of this deeply involved archetype. Spend some time meditation or otherwise practicing some self-examination to determine how this archetype relates to you and those around you. With a little introspection and outward consideration of others, too, you may discover something new and exciting.


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