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The Fool Archetype is often used in stories as a comic relief character. They are typically portrayed as lacking intelligence and acting simple or innocent and can be a fun character throughout a story. The Fool may say whatever comes to their mind without thinking of the situation or feeling the desire to act wise. This can create some humorous moments, but it can also lead to them getting into trouble or making poor decisions. Ultimately, this is a character that is used to provide some levity and fun in contrast to the more serious moments in the story. They may not be the most intelligent or emotionally complex character, but they can still provide an enjoyable experience for the reader or viewer.

The fool is an individual who is characterized by their innocence and fun-loving nature. They often cross cultural norms and speak the truth, even when it is not what others want to hear. Fools are rarely intentionally harmful, but their actions can often have negative consequences. They may wear a mask of happiness or foolishness to hide their true feelings or intentions.

The Fool is part of Carl Jung’s original list of twelve. These archetypes have been studied even further since then by scholars and other deep thinkers, and it’s now easier than ever to determine whether or not a person or a fictional character falls into the Fool archetype.

This archetype may sometimes also be called the Jester, but this can be confusing, since the Jester is also another name for the Trickster. The Fool is a relative of the Trickster, but they are not the same.

Below, you’ll find more specific information to help you better understand the Fool and how it pertains to you.

What is the Fool Archetype?

Read through the section below to find out more information about the Fool. From there, you can use this information to help better understand some of the most important people in your life.

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Variations of The Fool

  • Wise Fool: As opposed to the more traditional concept of the Fool, the Wise Fool is actually what the archetype refers to. This is a character (or a person) who comes across as a Fool but actually knows what they are talking about. They may have a lot of wisdom, knowledge, or experience that helps shape them, and they may impart this wisdom onto others as well.


  • The Fool’s strongest objective is to share the truth, shed light onto issues that need to be noticed, and to make sure everything goes smoothly with the help of their own sense of humor. The Fool will tell the blatant truth but find the perfect way to present it so that it isn’t as offensive or hard to hear as it otherwise could have been. They always have a joke or lighthearted comment at the ready to ease the moods of those around them.


  • The Fool longs to simply live life as it comes. They don’t like to worry much about the future, and they deal with issues only in the moment they arise. As soon as a problem is solved, the Fool moves on and doesn’t think much about it again.
  • If it is possible to fix a problem or solve an issue through humor, the Fool wants to make this happen. They are committed to lightening the mood with jokes, pranks, and fun.
  • The Fool wants to be happy and to find joy in everything they do.


  • It is the goal of the Fool to always have something to do. They look for activity and excitement wherever they go, and they will make it if they can’t find it.
  • The Fool also strives to share genuine experience and wisdom with those they care about. This can be difficult at times, since they tend to do so in a joking manner, even when they are serious.
  • The Fool likes to live life on their own terms and tries to do so whenever possible, even if it means challenging authority—not unlike the Trickster.


  • The Fool stays positive and upbeat more often than not. Like every archetype, they may have their moments of feeling like all is lost, but they bounce back quickly.
  • The Fool can always see the bright side of a situation and is a valuable asset to any team because of this.
  • Since the Fool doesn’t mind too much if others have a negative opinion of them, they do and say whatever they want, and they don’t worry about the repercussions.
  • Although not as creative as others, the Fool still has a sense of creativity and imagination that shows whenever they try to problem-solve.


  • One major weakness of the Fool is that they can often take their jokes too far. They may end up causing physical or emotional harm to those they care about, even if they don’t mean to.
  • The Fool may easily become addicted to substances and may overdo it, especially in the name of “living in the moment” and having fun at all times.
  • The Fool fears being forgotten, and therefore wants to make an impression. They are okay with making a bad impression, as long as they are remembered.
  • In some instances, the Fool may shirk responsibilities in favor of living on their own terms.


  • The Fool is resilient and eager to try again if something goes wrong. Even if they must take a moment to regroup their thoughts and calm down, they’re ready to go again soon.
  • Functioning as a sidekick rather than the main character, fictional Fools are excellent at supporting the Hero. In the real world, the Fool is a good, strong, supportive friend who is always there to help with a joke and some surprisingly good advice.
  • The Fool is able to tell the truth successfully because they can sugarcoat it so well.


So what do you think? Are you a Fool archetype? It may not feel very good at first to label yourself as the Fool, but in reality, the Fool is a strong driving force behind the Hero more often than not. They are very good at living in the moment and taking every day as it comes, and these are qualities that many others strive for but never achieve. If you are a Fool, think about all the positive qualities that come along with the label, instead of focusing on the negative connotation of the word.

Take a look at these examples of the Fool below:

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  • Tonto of The Lone Ranger: Filling the role of the sidekick, which is one of the Fool archetype’s strongest roles, Tonto supported the Hero throughout all of their adventures.
  • Dory from Finding Nemo: Dory supports the main character and provides laughs along the way. Even so, she has a wisdom that sometimes shines through, whether intentionally or not.
  • Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio: Since the Fool is often there to provide a conscience to the Hero, it may go without saying that Jiminy Cricket—an actual conscience—fits into this role quite well.
  • Timon in The Lion King: Always wisecracking, Timon is a supporting and even guiding force who shares his sense of morality with Simba.
  • Sancho in Don Quixote: Once again a sidekick, Sancho is the “comic relief” but also the voice of reason of the duo. Conversely, Don Quixote himself is scatterbrained and addled, but is the leader nevertheless. Both show different sides of the Fool.

Now that you’ve had some time to learn about the Fool and to see some examples from literature and movies as well, you may want to spend some time in meditation or simply in consideration of your own personality traits. Are you a Fool? Do you know someone who fits perfectly into this archetype? Or do you find yourself often drawn to characters who can be labeled this way? There’s a lot to uncover as you dive deeper into the Fool archetype.


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